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How To Choose Solenoid Valve Products?

Oct. 28, 2019

As an industrial automation control instrument, solenoid valves are becoming more and more widely used with the development of industry. When many people buy solenoid valves, they don't know how to pick and identify them. It will be very troublesome. The solenoid valve is a highly practical industrial product with great ductility, and there are many technical specifications for the product model and solenoid valve. At the time of purchase, you can look for the following three indicators to obtain a good performance solenoid valve product. So what are the three major indicators? Plastic Angle Solenoid Valve Supplier will come to tell you.

1. Seriously the product production qualification of the enterprise

Selecting the solenoid valve products and looking for the company's product production qualification is the first step. The solenoid valve belongs to the national special equipment. The relevant technical specifications and the production qualification of the enterprise are strictly controlled by the state. Only when the relevant certificates issued by the state are obtained can the fundamental rights and interests of the company be fundamentally protected, and the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy goods is not met. 

The production qualifications of enterprises engaged in the manufacture of solenoid valves are: explosion-proof product certification, special equipment manufacturing license, national industrial production license, US UL certification, EU CE certification, ISO9001 national quality management system certification. By looking at the first step of the selection, we will distinguish small workshops that do not meet the production qualifications, and have certain guarantees in product quality.

Washing Solenoid Valve

Washing Solenoid Valve

2, inspect the company's research and development strength

Solenoid Valve are industrial automation precision instruments. The use of the products and the working environment are complex. Naturally, an excellent product R&D team has a good intention and a refined attitude in product development and design.

The core of modern enterprise competitiveness is the self-development and innovation capability of enterprises. The development of science and technology makes the product renewal cycle shorter and shorter, and the product quality is more and more stable. The R&D strength of the enterprise considers the enterprise's pursuit of products. The technology of solenoid valve equipment is constantly being updated. With the increasing use in industrial applications, solenoid valve products have higher requirements in terms of precision, applicability, reliability and service life. Investigating the R&D strength of enterprises, solenoid valve manufacturers with strong R&D capabilities are more secure in products.

3, see the use of products in large projects

The so-called "practice knows the truth", the products produced by the enterprise must be able to withstand the test of the market and can play a role in large-scale industrial projects. Therefore, when selecting products, you can get a glimpse of the large-scale industrial projects that the company's products have done.

Solenoid valves are used in a wide range of applications, including food machinery, petrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, military defense, etc. The importance of solenoid valve products in industrial production can be seen. Therefore, if the solenoid valve manufacturer's products are used in many large-scale projects, it will inevitably confirm the stability and reliability of the products and can withstand the actual inspection.

At present, there are many manufacturers of solenoid valves, ranging from national high-tech enterprises to small workshops. Among the many manufacturers, Juliang Valve Group is a recommended strength manufacturer.

The above are the three indicators that should be viewed when selecting a solenoid valve. If you are interested in solenoid valves, you can contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of solenoid valves. We are able to provide you with a wide range of solenoid valves including Washing Solenoid Valve. Welcome to come.

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