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  • Plastic Solenoid Valve PPR

Plastic Solenoid Valve PPR

Spec.: PPR

Type: New Solenoid Valve Series


Spec.: PPR

Type: New Solenoid Valve Series

Ordering Information:

1. When ordering, please specify the specific product specifications and quality according to the 'model meaning'.

2. If the user has special needs, please specify when ordering.


New open solenoid valve are widely used in tree-garden irrigation, water dispenser, water purifier, textile, printing and dyeing, food, medicine, cigarettes, cement products, petrochemical, metallurgy and other automatic control systems.


The new solenoid valves are with good starting performance.

The new solenoid valves are with long service life.

The installation and maintenance of the new solenoid valves are easy. 

It is not easy to age of the new solenoid valve.


Working pressure:0~1.2MpaInlet:Φ27.5 No thread
MediumTemperature:0~50℃Outlet:Φ27.5 No thread
Functional characteristics:Ceramic valve core

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