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R.o. Solenoid Valve Is A Kind Of Solenoid Valve Which Is Mainly Used In Water Purifier, Water Dispenser, Commercial Water Dispenser, And Also Can Be Used In Coffee Machine, Dish-washing Machine Etc. Usually There Are Two Kind Materials For The Valve Body Of The R.o. Solenoid Valves. One Is Pom Material For The Valve Body, And The Other Is Copper Material For The Valve Body. Kangleda New Energy Co., Ltd Provide Water Treatment Solenoid Valve And Pulse Valve And Plastic Solenoid Valve And R.o. Solenoid Valve And Pilot Solenoid Valve And Plastic Solenoid Valve, If You Need, Welcome To Contact Us To Know More.

If Water Temperature Is Not High, Customers Can Choose The R.o Solenoid Valve With Pom Material For The Valve Body, And Usually This Kind R.o Solenoid Valve Is More Economic, So The Range Of Use For This Kind Of R.o. Solenoid Valve(r.o. Solenoid Valves ) Is Extensive. If Water Temperature Is Higher, Customers Can Choose The R.o Solenoid Valve With Copper Valve Body. 

The Workmanship Of Our R.o. Solenoid Valve Is Very Good And Also The R.o Solenoid Valve Has The Advantages Of Big Flow And Good Startup Performance. The Installation And Disassembly Of The R.o Solenoid Valve Also Is Very Convenient. We May According To Customer Requirements Customize Corresponding Size Of The Connector For The R.o Solenoid Valves.

If You Are Finding Copper Irrigation Valve And Water Dispenser R.o. Solenoid Valve And Water Heater Copper Solenoid Valve And Water Inlet Solenoid Valve In China, We Will Be Your Best Choose! We Have Our Own Factory, So We Can Give You A Cheap Price!

Why solenoid valve is used in RO?

A solenoid valve uses a plunger to open and close an orifice, which either prevents or allows the flow of a medium. This plunger opens and closes by moving up and down by the use of an electromagnetic field generated by a magnet.

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