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Low Voltage Switch

Spec.: G1/4"Low Voltage Switch

Type: R.O.solenoid Valve Series


Spec.: G1/4"Low Voltage Switch

Type: R.O.solenoid Valve Series

Ordering Information:

1. When ordering, please specify the specific product specifications and quality according to the 'model meaning'.

2. If the user has special needs, please specify when ordering.


R.O. Solenoid Valve is mainly used in water purifier,water dispenser etc.

At present,We usually supply these R.O.solenoid valves to the water purifier and water dispenser manufacturers from home and abroad.


The installation and disassembly of the solenoid valve is very convenient

May according to customer requirements to customize corresponding size of the connector


Product name:Low voltage switch
Rated voltage:DC12V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48V/AC110V/AC220V
Working pressure:0~0.4MpaInlet:G1/4”quick connector
Medium temperature:0~40℃
Functional characteristics:When the water pressure ≤0.02Mpa, it will switch off;When the water pressure ≥0.15Mpa, it will close.

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