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  • Intelligent Solenoid Valve FCD.3-768

Intelligent Solenoid Valve FCD.3-768

Spec.: FCD.3-768

Type: Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve Series


Spec.: FCD.3-768

Type: Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve Series

Ordering Information:

1. When ordering, please specify the specific product specifications and quality according to the "model meaning".

2. If the user has special needs, please specify when ordering.


Smart Sanitary Solenoid Valve is mainly used in intelligent bathroom, intelligent toilet,smart bidet,intelligent urinal and so on. At present, we usually supply these solenoid valves to intelligent toilet manufacturers from home and abroad. 


The effect of pressure reducing is stable

The starting performance of the solenoid valve is good

The structure design of the solenoid valve is simple

The volume of the solenoid valve is small

It is convenient for producing and testing


Rated voltage:Pulse 6V/DC9V/DC12V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48V/DC110V/AC12V/AC24V/AC36V/AC48V/AC110V/AC220V
Working pressure:0.05~0.8MpaInlet:G1/2”male thread
Medium temperature:0~50℃Outlet:Φ6.5
Inlet water pressure:0.2-0.8MpaOutlet water pressure:0.1±0.02Mpa
Flow range:550-800ML(Adjustable)

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